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Body Beautification gives the best in body beautification products, especially exotic henna from east & artistic Indian dots/bindis. We also deal in Belly Dancers Costumes, Belts, Blouses, Body Jewels, Caps, Scarves, Ponchos, Woolen Shawls/stoles & Cushion covers/Pillow covers, Skirts, Wall Paintings, and Purses.

Mehndi, also called Henna is a shrub that grows in western and southern Asia and the Middle East. The leaves of this plant are plucked, dried and powdered and contain a natural, harmless dye that is used to dye hair as also create beautiful patterns on skin by the application of henna paste, through a stencil with artistic designs cut into the stencil. The paste itself is made by adding a little water to the powder. Body Beautification only imports pure 100% henna powders (no additives). Also our henna has no twigs or big leaf pieces. Body Beautification carries henna paste, henna powder and stencils for Mehndi. Body Beautification also arranges for Henna artists to visit you for henna application on parties and weddings.

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Dots, also called Bindis, were traditionally painted by Indian brides in the center of their foreheads as an indicator of being married. Gradually, the dot had been replaced by a circular plastic cutout, pasted to the forehead by a natural, harmless and washable adhesive. In recent years, the dot has become a body art article. It now comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes & designs. It is worn not just on the forehead but anywhere on the body-cheeks, eyebrows, navel, lips, breasts etc and not only by married women in India but by ladies all over the world, regardless of age and marital status. In fact, the dots look so beautiful and are such fun to put on, children love them too. Body Beautification supplies dots and Bindis in a vast variety of colors and designs.

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Shawls are same as stoles but are about 12 inch wider. Body Beautification imports shawls and stoles made from soft, warm & pure wool in beautiful colors and designs.
Payment Mode

You may pay by any one of the under noted modes:

Check/Money Order/Master & Visa Credit Cards/Cashier's Check drawn in favor of Body Beautification.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Goods will be shipped within 7 business days of receipt of payment.
  2. Add US$ 5.00 S & H for orders of any amount for shipment by road.
  3. For Kansas purchasers, add applicable Sale Tax at 7.5%
  4. Due to continuous change in designs, in the event, the ordered design is not available in stock, nearest matching design will be shipped.
  5. 100% of bill value shall be refunded in case of returns because of any reason what so ever. Returns must be within 45 days of the date of bill.

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